Psychic Glossary of Terms
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Glossary of terms

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Apport – is when an object has been dematerialized and materialized in a séance through a wall.

Attunement – preparing to receive energies for healing

Aura – is the emanation around the human body.

Body Intelligence- healing intelligence that works independently from the mind

Clairvoyance - is the ability to perceive things not in sight

Coloring – is when the medium gets in the way and alters or distorts the message.

Concentration- is focusing ones attention to one point without distraction.

Dream Experience – patient dreamed of cause and remedy practiced in Greek temples

Etheric body – is the spiritual body

Immortality – is the first law of spirit

Levitation – the rising of physical objects or humans without visible means.

Materialization - is the appearance of objects

Meditation - is the intentional directing of attention to clear the mind.

Concentration and centering are the 2 basic ingredients.

Near death experience – is an oobe where people clinically die and but survive and live to tell of the experience.

Parapsychology – is the branch of science concerned with human exchange which are independent of physical means of expression

Psychometry – is the ability to sense facts and history from an object.

Psycho kinesis – PK in which movement of object occurs

Reincarnation is the belief that the spirit returns into another physical body after death.

Spirit – the consciousness residing in the spirit or etheric world, formally of the earth plane.
Spiritual Healing  - is a gift possessed by certain mediums exercised by or under the control of  spiritual being for the relief of mental,  physical or spiritual healing.

Telepathy – mind to mind communication

Trance - is a sleeplike state which permits the physical body to be used by a discarnate being.

Transfiguration – when a medium assume the characteristics of a spirit person for their representation.

Veridical – a highly elevated message that imparts truth

Vicarious atonement is taking the place of another for acts or deeds.

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